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Hi Everyone - FreeThinker - 08-07-2009


Hope everyone is doing great, This is Krishna from India. I have no idea what to write about myself. I am a bit of a free thinker and more of an atheist. I also believe that people must have freedom in all matters.

Hope to get to know each other when we talk more. ;-)


Re: Hi Everyone - hellodear - 08-25-2009

HELLO, KRISTINA!Nice to meet you. I'v already read your posts and your opinion is very interesting. Thanks you!

RE: Hi Everyone - Seren - 11-29-2017

Hello, Krishna, It is nice to see you here from the India. My name is Seren and I am from the USA. I would like to say you warmly welcome on this community and I am hopeful that you will spend really a good time in this community.

RE: Hi Everyone - Colton - 01-13-2018

Hi buddies, being a member of this board will like to say welcome here you all. I am also a new member who have joined this board recently. So sure all will enjoy best time period through sharing stuff with each other. Does anyone like to share about favorite things to do in free time with us?

RE: Hi Everyone - Seren - 02-02-2018

Colton, It is nice to know that you also liked to say welcome to Krishna on this board. I am full of hope that he is going to have a nice time here and we will be able to see an interesting conversation from his side in future.

RE: Hi Everyone - Kayla - 02-08-2018

Love to read that you all loved to say welcome to FreeThinker at here. I am a new member here and also love to say warmly welcome to FreeThinker and quite sure that FreeThinker will have a good time at here with all of us and share massive and informative stuff with us.

RE: Hi Everyone - svep560 - 11-14-2018

Hi Everyone, This is Arun so nice and glad to be part of this forum.