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UK BEER - G44r4 - 12-03-2009

Hi Guys Smile!

I was just wondering,
at what age are you allowed to buy/drink beer in the UK?
at school we made some plans to visit London for a weekend,
but we would like to drink some beer there to. We are legal
to drink it in the Netherlands (16+).

And does someone knows a cheap aircompany Smile?


PS: srry for the not fitting post :-P , but I was just curious :ange

Re: UK BEER - aimhigh - 12-03-2009

5 years old or over.(in private)

16 years old or over in a pub or restaurant with a table meal as long as an adult purchases the alcohol (no adult is required to be present in Scotland)

18 years old or over.(pubs, bars, restaurants, off-licences etc.)

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Re: UK BEER - G44r4 - 12-03-2009


Re: UK BEER - Big_Becka - 12-04-2009

I should add that you may be unable to buy beer if you are age 16-18, even if you have an adult with you. Although it is legal, plenty of bars don't want to get into trouble with the police :roll: If you look under 21 (or even under 24) they will ask you for ID, so make sure you take your passport or driving license with you Smile

Of course, other bars don't check ID :-) It is not unusual for girls as young as 13 to go out drinking. You could get into a lot of trouble if you take one of these girls home! :lol:

Cheap flights? Easyjet fly from Amsterdam - Stanstead, and run a bus into London. There's also Ryanair and BMIbaby. Sometimes BA and Lufthansa do cheap deals which work out better than Easyjet. You can also catch a National Express / Eurolines coach between Amsterdam (I think it also stops at Rotterdam) and London, but I would only recommend this as a last resort - it's a long journey!

I hope you enjoy your weekend Smile