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ISO serious feedback on dating Ukrainian Women
I will preface this post by saying i do not agree with the whole mail order bride industry and it is not my intention to view or treat women like this to any degree

I have begun speaking to a few girls from the Ukraine and i live in Canada.  I am not desperate in the sense that i can't find someone locally but there are a variety of reasons i have chosen to pursue women from far away.

A number of women from the Ukraine have expressed interest in moving away (probably for the same reasons the mail order industry exists) but they have said to me that the reasons include the political situation in the Ukraine ie war, the lack of "available and decent men" and poverty being another common reason given.

** i do not know how valid each of these reasons are or if they are all lies given to seek citizenship elsewhere because they do not like living in the Ukraine for other reasons***

I am personally trying to connect with these women on a personal level in hopes of generating a meaningful relationship at some point... i am 33 and am speaking with women who are close to my age obviously.  I have seen some info out there where people in my situation are attacked on these forums for exploiting females etc and i want to make it clear i am not trying to do this at all.

i would very much appreciate some input on this (preferably from females in Eastern Europe) who are able to confirm or deny the info i have gotten so far and perhaps to give me advice or warnings of perhaps, what i am missing.  Thanks to anyone whom can provide feedback on this

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