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Wedding - does it change anything?
For a happy marriage is need advices???
Increasingly appear more articles about how to behave with your partner, what you have to do to have a normal family life or a happy marriage ... firstly we think that we do not need these tips in marriage?
Life takes care to show and the good and the bad sides, so it is better to realize how much we want a happy marriage and try to focus our efforts to this end.
Over time, many studies were made on the marriage and found that there are some "things" that can lead to the success of a marriage.
Here are some tips that might be useful at some point:
- Not get mad both at the same time
- When you criticize an attitude, a gesture, do it with charm
- Leave the past behind, do not remember the "former mistakes"
- Not go to bed until you have not clarified the conflict
- When you made a mistake, recognize and ask for apology
- Always it takes two to start a fight
and the list could go on ...
In addition, to these tips beneficial for marriage, the secret of a happy marriage depends the most of desire of the two!
Decisions in marriage can cause problems in marriage?
We do what we decided to do, and what we are, is the sum of all our decisions. That happens in a marriage. Even a simple "YES" said to civil status, is in fact a decision ... taken in marriage ...
Should not be important who takes the decision in a marriage. Important is that that decision be the best solution and be accepted by another. Regardless of the problems encountered in marriage, they will not find their resolve if we do not accept that. Keep calm and take decisions together, to solve problems in your marriage!
Nobody can tell us how to behave in marriage to have a happy marriage. It is vital to be yourself, to open in the front of your partner, to understand that you are two but not identical, to learn to take decisions together, to avoid problems in the marriage which could lead to its collapse.
It depends on the situation. If two persons are in a relationship for a year or more than that and they decided to marry then wedding should not change anything in their life, they just should live their life and be happy. But if talking about a couple that they do not pass a relationship together but want to marry each other, of course there will be changes in their life.

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