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Aliens - our brothers
Excerpts from a UFO, discovered on Mars?
A photograph obtained by researchers at NASA, using a specially adapted camera on the Mars, reopen a controversial issue regarding the existence of extraterrestrial life. The views of NASA are divided when it comes to finding an explanation for what appears in the picture surprised to Mars.
Some observers are convinced that are the remains of a UFO, others think that it is a strange formation of rocks. Picture in question is not the first to raise questions about the existence of alien Martians. The famous "Girl from Mars", fotogradiata in 1976 by Viking 1 space probe, has proven to be nothing but an optical illusion due to the angle brightness when the same area of Mars was photographed in 1998.
Ok,I agree that ,may be,the intelligent life beyond Earth exists, but the fact that "they" are our "brothers" is strange for me))) Can somebody prove it?))) I bet,nobody)) I know that different kinds of aliens exist,like nations between people.Who are they for us:brothers or enemies, is a big unresolved question.
Almost all scientists and astronauts believe that in atmosphere, in cosmos we ( human being) are not alone. There are other civilization or creatures which live there and maybe in a some day be will meet each other. But no one knows exactly what is there and if it is true.

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