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Should there be air tax?
Benn Wrote:Air tax could be levied just as an additional tax, in case the government doesn't want to increase for example the VAT. Remember, when one tax is raised, people will look for ways to avoid paying it, while imposing another tax is a good solution.
good idea Benn, you must work at Tax inspections Confuseduper I think financial punishment is not a good motivation and is a bad punishment for those who cause most air pollution. To me, the air is worthless, it can't be bought for money. That's why the punishment must be total recall of licenses (if we talk about factories)
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sasha Wrote:I think that it would be the right moment to introduce international air tax to countries. It could be calculated on the basis of country population and industrial developement, and lowered on the basis of acres under forest in that country. Money wich would be gained on that way should be invested in science projects and production of ecologicaly safe inventions.
It should be conducted by UN. What do you think about this?
I think it is a good idea, countries that mostly pollute the atmosphere should pay for it. But certainly it doesn't make any difference to peoples' health.

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