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Wedding traditions in different countries
Wedding tradition in Greek:
Dowry. Although the idea of a dowry may seem obsolete to some people, it is still a Greek tradition. The mother of the bride usually spends years collecting a variety of things from sheets to towels and other household items for her daughter’s marriage. The dowry enables the bride to set up housekeeping.
in England:
Brides have "Hen' nights and bridegrooms have "Stag" parties similar to bachelor/bachelorette parties. There are ceremony rehearsals, but no rehearsal dinner. If the couple will marry in a church, banns announcing the proposed wedding are read aloud in the church three Sundays before the wedding. It is unlucky for the bride and bridegroom to be present at the calling of the banns.
Macedonia: The bride must be taken by the fiance from her Home. During this he "pays" for the Bride, gives money to her family, and if her father allows, he moves towards her room. The door is usually kept by her brother and male cousins, while the bride alogn with the bridesmaids are inside.

If he manages to pass them, all of them go to a church and later on at the wedding party Smile
It is very interesting!!!
I like Italian tradition the mostSmile)
Turkey wedding tradition attracted me a lot compared to other countries. As people celebrate marriage for several days. The newlywed bride may return home the morning after her wedding vows to see her family and friends, who then might perform a henna ritual on her.A Muslim wedding program in Turkey lasts from four to seven days, starting with separate celebrations of the bride and groom's families. From this day on, the couple getting married cannot see each other until their wedding ceremony.A Turkish bride might wear a beautifully embroidered silk wedding dress with a red velvet cape.

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In Philippines, A wedding ceremony is one of the most important event in a person’s life where these occasions are sacred to our culture. So to couples that are planning to spend the rest of their lives in each other’s arms, it is important to know the importance of weddings in our culture.

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