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A chewing gum can help you waste weight
I came across an interesting study, which was cared last year, by a group of scientist. After concluding an experiment among different people, those who were chewing gum before meal, were losing their appetite.
Who could guess that after multiple negative opinions, the chewing gum industry finally gets an important positive promotion.

I hope this info will help!
when chewing a gum, the salivation that goes to your stomach normally helps the food digest, maybe this is the way it helps in losing weight?
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From what I know chewing gums can get you into troubles with your stomach. Therefore I don't think that risking health problems is the best way to lose weight.
You’d better go to gym people. :haha
#5 Wrote:You’d better go to gym people. :haha

Some people can’t lose weight that way. That is why they are searching for alternatives.
Hakan G Wrote:From what I know chewing gums can get you into troubles with your stomach. Therefore I don't think that risking health problems is the best way to lose weight.

chewing a gum will cause you troubles if you are hungry. The stomach must be full, or at least not empty
Oh My god, now I knew why I failed to gain my body weight, as I love to chew lots of chewing gums before my main meals...
yes WIll, that might be a reason. However don't take that as a basic reason. At the same time, if you like chewing gums, do that after your meal, not before.
Maybe a chewing gum contains special chemical components that make your body lose weight?
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No, it is all about the physiologic effect that is accompanying the chewing process.
Hmm..., no matter what I still think that I should reduce the intake of the chewing gums, and will only eat it after my main meal, as Peter has suggested here...
No psychological factor here. The saliva goes to your stomach and helps it digest the food. That's all! No magic Smile
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So when you're thirsty you get a chewing gum and a lot of saliva, Am I right?
yes, besides, a chewing gum is even recommended by doctors to take after meals due to two reasons:
1. Helps your digestion
2. Protect your teeth from caries.
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a chewing gum can easily replace food. I mean it can't satisfy the hunger, but, if you are a bit hungty, a chewing gum can give you a feeling that you are digesting something. Thereby the weight is lost.
Some pharmaceutical companies are selling gums that only a few dozens calories, but it's made for reducing weight. How? Well, its chemical substances make the natural calories multiply. Thus, the stomach feels full, while it's just a sensation.
I think it is true, it can help in wasting weight but it also has serious consequences like stomach disease. That people who decided to chew gum to loose from their weight should realize that it brings a great damage to their stomach. The best remedy to loose weight is to go to an doctor which specializes on diets.
I think yes it may be true that chewing gum can help in wasting weight but don't forgot that it also may cause a great damage to your stomach. that people who really want to loose of their weight should better go to a doctor which specializes in diets, which can give to that people a good advice how to waste the weight better and more efficiently.
There are healthier ways of loosing weight, for sure! Chewing gum might cause more problems than we think... especially if you read the "ingredients", it's all chemicals our bodies don't need. You could just look at a lemon instead, the effect might be the same Big Grin

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