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Russia: The Awakening
Dont worry just relax all.
Russia is just a sad country whitch is still crying because the Sovjet-Union fell apart. All Russia wants is to become bigger and bigger and while they are doing that they do not respect HumanRights or what ever. The only words a Russian dictionary has are ; attack,invade,bigger,me,myself,I,kill,be pathetic,threat.

And the only reason why they are against the RocketShield and former-Sovjet countries joining NATO and/or EU is because they can't stand the fact that they FAILED to keep the Sovjet-Union together.

Abchazia and South-Ossethia are Georgian Territory. Russia has nothing to do there. You are showing the world how '' strong '' you are,but the fact is,you only attacked Georgia because it's one of the few former Sovjet-states who isn't NATO/EU and because it's a tiny little country. Russia wouldn't dare to attack an EU member state. All they do is uttering threats. That's all they are good at. Because they know that when they attack an EU member state,they attack the entire EU and with that they attack NATO. And Russia knows they will lose that war.

Russia is nothing more than a big baby!!! crying and asking attention! FUCK RUSSIA!!!!!!!

Russia thinks they can do whatever they want. And the moment EU says something back,they shut down Gass-suply. How pathetic is that. And the only reason Russia does that is because Russia has NO OTHER WAY WHAT SO EVER than that. Gass is the only way which gives them a little power.
I hope soon EU will be only Green-Energy,and we can kick some Russian ass!
I wish we are politer in our comments.
Russia is a nice unpredictable country with its own sense of humour. Have you noticed a new trend from Russia: supplying "sexy spies"? It is meant to make fun for all of us. (Thank You, Mother Russia.)
Now this Anna Fermanova, a cosmetologist in U.S., and an English teacher in Russia - it's already funny, isn't it? Just look at her photos on the Internet - they are certainly meant to catch an eye of any heterosexual male. I hear she already considers posing for Playboy. When men in America see her entertainment, they will wish for more spies from Russia. (After all, can't the military technology be traded for something so deeply rooted in human instincts?)
Although some say she is not associated with Russia (emigrated from Latvia, blah-blah-blah), don't be fooled: Russian are always Russians, even in Africa. It's not probably a mere coincidence that she has a husband (yes, she's married!) who lives in Moscow. By the way, the latter is the fact that is being kept away from the Russian public (those Russians who watch, read and listen to Russian media sources only may not find out that she is married to a man who lives in Moscow)...
I remember somebody who was very active in defending Russian war on Georgia in 2008. While doing it, he criticized the U.S. in all possible ways. It could be done easier that time, as the U.S. president was George Bush, Jr. - already easily hated and unpopular person. I was only amused that Russian critic was turning against America in general, although he wrote he had spent a lot of time in the U.S. And I was wondering what the hell he might have been doing so long in the country he disliked so strongly? Now I can see...
These sexy spies as well as other spies singing songs with Putin - all they must be just a cap of the iceberg.

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