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Learn to surprise yourself. Why? Because it brings tremendous joy. But how to surprise yourself? Whenever you have an assignment, go for a level that is a little bit higher than yourself (higher than the level at which you usually performed before).

This happened to Alberta Costa from Spain. At Rolland Garros, Grand Slam tennis tournament Alberta Costa was loosing 0 – 2, being two sets behind. But he surprised himself by winning this mach. The key was that at one moment in the match he decided to go for something that surpassed his view about his current possibilities and capabilities to produce.

He played at the level he didn’t think he could play! It happened to him, it could happen to anyone. So learn to surprise yourself by preparing the surprise for you in advance. How? Mentally you are determined to perform at a little higher level. And stay firmly on this mental attitude during the performance. Did this happen to anyone of you?
I have made a whole research to find the game you are talking about. However I didn't find anything. The official ATP webpage doesn't give details on Albert Costa activity. But I do know Albert Costa won the French Open in 2002. He beat Juan Carlos Ferrero - 6–1, 6–0, 4–6, 6–3. As you see, it was him who won the first two sets, the third set he gave up two games, and finally the fourth set brought him the winning. Sorry if I deviated from the topic, but I am curious to find out the outcome.
This was a match played by Costa about two years ago. He didn't win the tournament at that time. But that particular game, which he won, was revealing for him in terms of his higher possibilities.
oh, in this case, I think you are talking about Rolland Garros 2003.
Costa was playing with Lapentti Giovanni in the third round and won 4-6 4-6 6-3 6-4 6-4. Very unexpected game it was.
Certainly he found an alternative power in his body and surprised not only himself, but the entire public, 'cause public likes long plays.
Surprising itself is like making some good things for itself. It is good especially when someone hurts you, or you are just tired and feel unhappy, feel sad. in this case you should practice doing some good things just for yourself.

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