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How can we calm down at the work place?
We can calm down at our work place only when we know one important difference.
Indeed, there is an important difference between two attitudes. First attitude is related to the motivation of doing the job at YOUR OWN BEST. Second attitude is related to the motivation of doing the job at the level of being the best.

In this world, which encourages so much competitiveness, we may easily slide towards the second attitude. And when we do so, we slowly but surely become nervous. This second attitude attracts comparison with others, which may trigger such feelings as envy, self doubt, competitive spirit, LACK OF RESPECT FOR OURSELVES OR FOR OTHERS etc. Obviously, we become nervous. So, in order to calm down we must make our inner indicators to point steadily at the first attitude. THIS DOESN'T EXCLUDE THAT WITH TIME WE MAY BECOME THE BEST. BUT NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE, - WE WILL DO THIS IN A PEACEFUL WAY.

So, how can you calm down at the work place? - Adopt the first attitude of doing the job at your own best.
And you will discover that each time you perform your job a little better. This eventually will drive you to the top without stress and nervous breakdown.
You mentioned competitive spirit among negative traits. I disagree, and would place it among positive ones, since this is the feature that led humanity to success.
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when you situated in a company that full with conspiracy and the rumors, you'll be very tortured with all the back stabbing and betraying stuffs...

Thus, sometimes is hard not to avoid all the peoples in your office...
Willyoumind, you gave the best answer imaginable to Benn with your comment regarding the competition spirit.
Today one of the main exigency a company looks at when hiring personnel is the spirit of team. That's why, Benn, you're not right. Though, I understand what you are talking about. The competitive spirit should persist between persons working in two different companies, not in one. Remember that.
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First of all you should try not be the target of the conflict situation because it will be easier to solve this problem. Everything you will do or say must be actions which are made by a rational mind, actions made by a calmed man. You should not share your feelings with others because it may bring to a bigger conflict at your working place.

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