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You can not manage your fears, unless you apply universal principles or laws.
If you try to manage your fears just on your pure desire, outside universal principles, your fear-self-managemnet will not last long.

For instance, let say that you fear examinations. There is the universal principle of conservation and transformation of energy, including the energy of the thinking process: " The energy remains constant, it doesn't disappear, it transforms from one form in another one". How do you apply this principle to your fear?
There is a part of your mind, responsible for the fear of examinations. You may to replace it, with other form of fear. And you may do this in two steps:

First step: Think about showing your gentleness and full love towards other people. You may do this, not because those people deserve your love or not. Not at all. You just take initiative in showing them your unconditional love, not asking something back. This is the key.

Second Step: Try hard to fear failing to show gentleness and love towards other people.

The result: this new fear replaced your fear for examinations. There is no place for it in your mind anymore!
thank you, that is a good advice. You know what, I think I began loosing my gentleness about two years ago. Maybe it's connected with the load I support everyday, since I have two jobs. Tiredness makes you forget about love and gentleness towards the ones who surround you. But, hereinafter, I will try to apply it. Thanks again Confuseduper
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Thinking positively and show this to others can't bring problems to anybody. I really don't know how it can be used for fighting fear, but, it might be possible.
showing your gentleness is very good. It can also help you with girls, since being gentle makes your charm revealed.
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Fear is a normal body condition emotive like joy and sadness. It is meant to protect us, releasing signals due to external stimuli: loud, unusual images. Manifestations of fear are different at every individual. For some it is a condition that stimulates. For others, fear is a factor that inhibits them.
In one of his books, Charles Darwin described fear as follows:
"Fear is often preceded by astonishment, and is so far akin to it, that both lead to the senses of sight and hearing being instantly aroused. In both cases the eyes and mouth are widely opened, and the eyebrows raised. The frightened man at first stands like a statue motionless and breathless, or crouches down as if instinctively to escape observation. The heart beats quickly and violently, so that it palpitates or knocks against the ribs... That the skin is much affected under the sense of great fear, we see in the marvellous manner in which perspiration immediately exudes from it... The hairs also on the skin stand erect; and the superficial muscles shiver. In connection with the disturbed action of the heart, the breathing is hurried. The salivary glands act imperfectly; the mouth becomes dry, and is often opened and shut."
Two scientists Gleb Shumyatsky, specialist of the Center for Neurobiology of Columbia University in New York, discovered the protein responsible for the first occurrence of fear by experimenting on mice. The two scientists have identified a protein existence in appreciable amount in thalamus and cortex.
Fear is something that you can manage, control and in some cases remove entirely. A lot of fears can be created by what we are thinking and the way we are thinking. You do have a choice about your thoughts since it's your brain and you can be in control of it. Fear can be useful - the fear of fire stops us putting our hand in the fire.

To control fear :
Always be kind to yourself.
Teach yourself to enjoy the task if it's sensible to do so.
Train yourself to acknowledge the fear and accept it for what it is, simply your mind telling your body that something concerns it. Repeatedly telling yourself that you are no longer concerned about it and not to be afraid will help you to believe.
I manage my fears by practicing the power of positing thinking.
When I am faced with a negative situation I look for the positives and concentrate on those.
Turning negatives into positives.
I also have learnt to identify my early warning signs and embrace them.
For example I have a strong fear of heights, lifts in particular. I know that when I am about to enter a lift my heart will start to race and I will start to sweat. These are my early warning signs I know this is a normal reaction for me so I know I do not have to worry.
Hope this helps.

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