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How do you look at any flower? Do you look first at dark spots on petals and leaves, or you just enjoy it? Do you measure the flower's height and compare it with others, or you just freely enjoy its beauty?

Now, how do you look at your girl-friend or wife? Do you look in her eyes and enjoy "the game" of her emotional intelligence, which you realize is unique in the world? Do you appreciate all this and try to encourage this in her? Or you just look for "the dark spots", like her temporary loss of mood, may be her a little bit of extra weight, more wrinkles on her face etc. Just recall how do you look at any flower, and you will cherish her forever. The love in her eyes will never get too old for you. Just look in her eyes as you look at any flower.
very interesting article, euigorwithyou. Interesting if it really works. Normally I know that beer helps men not to notice their wives' shortages. Just kidding Smile
I never thought about the way I look at a flower, I'll try to answer your question the next time, 'cause I'm not sure.
“Love is like a booger. You keep picking at it until you get it, then wonder what to do with it.”
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my husband never liked flowers. We are now divorced. Can a man be traced by this feature? I mean should a woman look after the fact how a man looks at a flower and thereby understand his mind?
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flowers for me are very beautiful, each flower has its beauty. I can say that I like especially the roses of all colors. Flowers means pure, heartfelt warmth, love, sadness... flowers are the key to any ladies heart. Love flowers Confuseduper

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