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Unbelievable UFO story at Larry King's show
Hi everybody!
Did you see one of the latest stories discussed by Larry King on CNN?

There is a man with some unbelievable footage.. erm, I don't know what to say or believe. You'd better watch it, as pictures are talking for themselves:
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hey, the video is spooky. But, I think it looks like a computer job. That "alien" isn't moving naturally. His moves are too quick
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Too me it moves normally. And very real ... Confusedhock:
ahhhh, why have I watched this video? Now I may have nightmares, seriously. Still, the fact that the footage was revealed to people on;y after 5 years is quite suspicious. There's something wrong here.
In fact the video is not the original, as it was not revealed to the public due to its uncommon nature. Everything is a reconstruction of what Larry King and its team saw.
oh, so that little alien is not real? So when do we expect to see the real tape?
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You shall ask Larry king about this. He must know the answer, just give him a call.

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