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Clinical death: myth or reality
Yes, this is a strange topic, but let’s call it reincarnation. So.. Do you believe in it. There were many people telling they saw the other world while in a clinical death, and some inexplicable phenomenon have happened to them, like seeing the future. But still, that sounds too weird, what’s your thoughts about this? :quoi
clinical death does exist. It's a long-term coma that holds the human body. As for foreseeing the future, can't really say. The God may give these people another world where they live in during this coma. So, maybe yes.
So do they actually sea God's face?
many people who come out from coma say they saw something unusual. This might be God, but it also may be an inside stress that make them see uncommon dreams.
Yes I have a theory for myself that this is just an illusion. But some people happen to know a lot of things that they weren't aware of before the critical incident :-(
I think you know it very well that our brain uses only a few percents (I think 3) of its capacity. So, during the coma, the brain might use a higher rate, that is beyond common human possibilites.
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Then why some of them die?
They saw the other world because:

+ every clinical death means brain hypoxia (oxygen starvation)
+ if it happened during a surgery - narcosis
+ morphine or smth like that (anaesthetic after surgery or trauma)
+ if there was a car crash - concussion of the brain in most cases

= hallucinations and other psychiatrical stuff
So this effects are mostly an after effect of the narcosis, which is a drug. Simple as that..
I had some surgeries with general anesthesia. I should say this is a really difficult test for the human body and brain, therefore a lot of illusion occur while you are in the asleep state, you simply don't realize whether this is true or dream.
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I can confirm the same fact. There are a lot of illusions when you're under anesthetics.
There are some people who say that they lived again a clinical death and that they saw that dark tunnels and the light in the end of this tunnel. I think that it can be possible because no one knows what is happening in this world. Everything is so miraculous.
You are clinically dead when the heart and respiration stops. All hope is not out, because in a certain timeframe after cardiac arrest, it is in many cases possible to jumpstart the heart again, and get respiration going by applying first-aid. Even if the first aid does not succeed in getting the heart and respiration started again, it may give the patient enough oxygen so that the brain does not die, and more advanced methods of starting the heart can be applied.

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