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There are no supermen or superwomen. They are an invention of the Hollywood movies makers. But there are people, who behave and project themselves like they are such ones..

But how should you behave in their presence? First, don’t allow to be paralyzed by their superior demeanor. Second, make progress on your own pace and make the difference at your own level.

In this sense it’s very interesting the story of Vince Carter, - a superstar in the National Basketball Association. When he started to play for “Toronto”, the team lost nineteen games in a row. But when Carter got injured, the team won eight games in a row without him. This is an example of the intimidating effect of the superstar. Even very well trained, tough competitors and professionals could be intimidated.

One must learn from this story and never allow to be intimidated by so called supermen or superwomen. But what about us, do we allow to be intimidated by people who give themselves air of superiority? If yes, then watch out. It might be that your team is loosing. So don't be intimidated, just be yourself!
Thanks. I will bear that in mind. I share your opinion, and was understanding it at subconscious level, but you described it for me in details, so now I see things clear.
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Igor, I know exactly what you are talking about. When I was a university student I noticed that my performance and abilities promptly went down when somebody tried to play a joke upon me. And vice-versa, I showed outstanding results when nobody tricked on me.
People lose hair in such cases because they see in front of their idol and not a simple man. For you are normal people, but for the fans are supermen and superwomen.
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