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How to make a big change in my life ?
We will begin the discussion of this topic by suggesting three first steps:

First step: Make your work meaningful to others, and it will become meaningful to you.

Second step: Make the project, on which you work with other people, your own project.
Don't have any longer that kind of attitude as if you work on somebody's else project.
Instead be and feel as it is your own, no matter what role do you have in this project.

Third step: Define your own intermediate goals in the project in such a way and with such clarity and in order
to really make a difference.

These steps are applicable to everyone: nurse, scientist, housewife, etc.
What results can it bring if we change the attitude towards the project we conduct? I wouldn't call it a big change in life. However, it may be a big change, since step by step you improve your way of thinking not only during the job, buy also in life, as a whole
“Love is like a booger. You keep picking at it until you get it, then wonder what to do with it.”
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Sometimes a good spirit can win a catastrophic situation. I remember how Liverpool was losing in the first half 0-3, and then returned in the second half to put a score of 3-3 and then to win the champions league.
Great match
You should start from small things to do, like going somewhere abroad, or telling someone about your feelings, or to eat something that you have never eaten. There are a lot of them, and from these small things your life can change substantially.
try reading this article, tomorrow is an other day..
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Probably the answer is: by just doing it. Yep, maybe you're just thinking too much about this and that... worrying too much... you better realize that life is short, so we gotta make the most of it.
Hello ofmelancholy,

Nice article you have shared here . Thanks for posting nice article here.


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