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Hi People! Russia+EU :))
Hi everybody!) I hope you'll be glad to see the russian 16year RusNeko in this forum Tongue
Hello RusNeko!
Welcome on! Smile Smile Smile
Thanx! I like this site)
Hello, RusNeko! Я твой соотечественник и рад тебя видеть на этом форуме!
Я тебя тоже!) рад что я тут не один из нашей великой страны!
Hi RusNenko, you two are definitely not the only ones here from Russia. I'm not a Russian, but I do speak Russian. So I somehow support you!
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Hello RusNeko!!
I left Russia in the 90-s, good to hear about people from there :lol:
Hi man, I am Russian too. It is nice to see another one russian face here.
The best political regime for the nation is a regime which was saved this nation like an entire one. (M. Montein)
Hello, guys! i know russian too Smile nice to meet you Smile
And you must be glad to see a 18-year-old girl from Russia in this forum Smile
Hi, guys Smile
And I'm from Russia. I'm a beautiful 18-year-old girl, I think ))
My name is Yana.
As you can see the Russian are everywhere :lol:
Hello Welcome To The Forum
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welcome to forum have a great stay

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