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London: Speech language therapist
1.Provide a comprehensive Speech and Language Therapy Service to clients referred with communication and/or feeding/swallowing difficulties, to include assessment, diagnosis and treatment, seeking support and supervision as required
2.Following assessment, design and develop evidence-based treatment and management programmes to be implemented within the multi-disciplinary teams available and within the client's family.
3.Develop and maintain a high level of concentration in all aspects of patient care at all times. In particular, to monitor auditory, visual and kinaesthetic aspects of communication.
4.Develop and maintain the skills and knowledge required of a practising Speech and Language Therapist including appropriate assessments, treatment programmes and the use of augmentative communication systems and communication aids.
5.Liaise with Speech and Language Therapy colleagues within and outside of Redbridge Primary Care Trust, regarding individual clients, as appropriate.
6.Contribute to the awareness of others by explaining the role of Speech and Language Therapy to visitors, students and volunteers.
7.Contribute to in-service training for volunteers, assistants; other professionals; carers and students, training them regarding communication and feeding skills, together with relevant pathology and treatment techniques as appropriate.
8.Contribute to the clinical training of Speech and Language Therapy undergraduates, when required, according to guidelines negotiated with the training establishments, providing student observation placements; and after 1 year full student placements.
9.Supervise assistants and volunteers as required.
10.Mentor newly qualified therapists as required by Co-ordinator.
11.Contribute to audit projects/clinical governance initiatives as identified by service co-coordinator
12.To make differential diagnosis on the basis of assessment evidence seeking specialist advice and supervision when appropriate.
13.To independently manage a defined caseload of adults with a range of communication, feeding/swallowing difficulties and to develop specialist skills in stroke care as part of an integrated service.
14.To assist with the Videofluoroscopy clinic under the guidance of the specialist
15.To demonstrate highly developed auditory and perceptual skills in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of clients.
16.To demonstrate the highly developed ability to phonetically transcribe clients speech samples in order to plan appropriate treatment programmes.
17.To make and use video recordings of communication behaviours for interpretation, analysis, management and training of communication disorders.
18.To demonstrate the highly developed ability to assess clients' oral motor skills and level of functioning as part of assessment and therapeutic packages of care
19.To work closely with clients, carers and families, agreeing decision-making relevant to the clients' management.
20.To demonstrate utmost sensitivity and empathy with clients, carers and families ensuring that effective communication is achieved, particularly where barriers to understanding exist.
21.To develop the ability to reflect on auditory, visual and kinaesthetic aspects of client's communication and to identify appropriate strategies to facilitate and enhance communicative effectiveness in all settings.
22.To negotiate with carers, clients and others around individual case management.
23.To contribute, along with other/health professionals to the patient's Therapy Plan to ensure that communication aims are integrated in day-to-day activities.
24.To participate and contribute to the clinical development of the whole SLT team as identified by the community services Team leader
25.To use knowledge to inform sound clinical judgments/decision making for case management and to seek specialist support and supervision when necessary.
26.To participate in departmental research and clinical governance initiatives within the local service.
If you are interested in this position please contact the Speech Therapt team on 02077498288 or email <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->

Phone: 02077498282

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