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We all perform the role of a teacher. But do you know that any teacher could be in danger? Can you teach with no hint or accusation, with no hint on putting someone down? If yes, then everything that is left is teaching by personal example.
Teachers have the most difficult task possible while teaching others: namely, to remain kind, loving and cheerful. Because whatever he projects to others come back to him. Be very, very careful, to teach in a way which excludes angriness. Why? Because you need to avoid being an angry person! So, the manner in which the teacher teaches, could affect him to a great extent: either positively or negatively. Can you teach without proving wrong someone? Can you open your mouth with no hint to your superiority, or to your wisdom? Just allow love to flow, to occupy the space of the room in which you have the honor to speak.

So, how should you teach? With love, grace and mildness. Then you will avoid being damaged by your own teaching.
Being a teacher means lots of responsibilities. Unfortunately, only private educational institutions offer a respectful salary for teachers, while governmental salaries are mainly lacked of motivation.
Motivation is the main factor in teaching, if it exists the teacher will naturally act as you mentioned - with love, grace and mildness.
“The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”
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not true. Teachers are like our parents, never will wish something bad to its pupils. And most are nice with good and also nice students. But with scapegraces acts like those deserves, cause if not," they get in your head"
But i think, teacher is such a person, that works not accord the sallary, but accord his possibilities to teach,according to his personal qualities. Some teaches can teach respecting their students, but some teachers respect only theirselves and are wicked to people.. :evil:

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