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UK Could Be Too Hot For Wine-making By 2080
Terry Wrote:Actually wine can be made of many other fruits. But the grape proved to be the best. I guess the possible problem that will occur UK in 2080 won't be a problem at all. Englishmen drink tea, not wine.
Oh, Englishmen like their wine! :haha Tea is for the morning (and at regular intervals throughout the day...) but at night we are a nation of alcoholics! Beer, cider, wine, whiskey...

What if the UK becomes too hot for cider or whiskey? :oO

Yes, you can make wine from anything - you can even make a kind of beverage from just yeast and sugared water! I haven't had much luck with raspberries either :-( My father used to make rhoobarb wine, which was really nice - just like a dry red wine :-P Mead (honey wine) was very popular historically.
The best wine-growing areas in the world are the following: California (USA), France, Black Sea region (Moldova, Crimeea, Georgia) and some places in Australia. As you can see, according to these areas, best vineyards grow in warm regions. Vines like warmth, or, I would say something average between warmth and heat. Taking into consideration the fact that during the summertime temperatures in California and Crimeea (Ukraine) reach 40 degrees C, I think there will be no problem for the UK to grow wine by 2080, of course if the temperature don't get above 40 degrees, of which I doubt.

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