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Russian forum
I know that Russia is not part of EU. But there are many russians here discussing different problems.
Can we have a Russian forum in regional forums section?
Perhaps it is a good idea, like a Russian I am agree Confuseduper
The best political regime for the nation is a regime which was saved this nation like an entire one. (M. Montein)
We have created a Russian forum where you can discuss in russian Wink
I believe Russian forum should be excluded from the rest of the regional forums. It could be in the same section, simply under a separator or something like that.

Because it says "Regional forums. Forums dedicated to EU countries." So you could also change the note to "Forums dedicated to EU member states and other countries."

P.S. You should also add forums to ALL of the EU member states, I am talking about all of the Baltic States and others. There are already some empty forums, so et's have all of them just in case and symbolically.

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