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Endless tensions in Kosovo
In Kosovo the Albanians and the Serbs must separate completely.
The plan of the Finish Ahtisari (I paid no attention to his name) is just an utopia.
I work in Kosovo under contract in power field and I have discussed with many people, both Albanians and Serbians.
No matter the grounds, any minor conflict would become a tragedy if both nationalities will be involved.
The Serbians still hope to regain the province, but no way !
And who doubted that it would be tensions? Kosovo was just taken away from Serbs, i dont think they will just forget about this.
Why to maintain a source of troubles ? Why to sit on a barrell of powder and to drop cigarette buts in ?
Do you think that scratching a wound again and again will help get it healed ?
Minor incidents between neighboours will always result in real tragedies.
Several years ago in Finland a lady from party of the Swedish minority was about to become president of the country, but in Kosovo too much blood was flooded by both parties. Do not use the same criteria for Scandinavia and the Balkans.
All mental bridges between Albanian and Serbian nationalities are broken.
Mitrovica is nothing but a mere waste of money which otherwise could be used for development of the two countries.
For how many years we must pay Swedish KAFOR to guard the monastery in Gracanica and Italian KAFOR to guard the monastery in Peja ?
I think you would agree that any nation must defend its territory? How they must react if it is just taken and people who lived there are driven away? Do not remember Serbs asking KAFOR to come in the first place. And of course do not remember they asking to recognize independance of Kosovo. So it must be quite unjust in thier eyes, yes? So i see no reason for they to give up if they can do something about it, now or maybe in future.
How good the report is, depends on who the report is written for, and what you were told to do. Were you told to use one of each of the seven kinds of footnotes covered in class? It looks good to me. The above Answers make good points

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