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Brainstorming for a green movie.
We are thinking about creating a collaborative documentary movie on how anyone can become environment friendlier. This movie should be interesting, shocking and useful at the same time to spread awareness.
Any creative ideas are welcome.

Thank you in advance for contribution.
I will add my ideas later in the following posts.
Showing the human cost is important. When people hear about ice-caps melting, foreign animals becoming extinct, etc, it is not very relevant and they can pretend it is not so important. If you show them people becoming homeless, or a rise in disease because of the climate changing, it becomes more relevant.

The other problem is that many people in the UK resent being told to be environmentally friendly, because large industries are the main polluters.
- Freight is predominantly transported by lorry because it is cheaper than using railways or waterways.
- Heavy industries are expected to cut their emissions, but often avoid it, either by claiming that it would put them out of business, or by storing gas until it is hazardous and then venting it (which is acceptable under Health and Safety regulations - I used to work at a Steelworks who did this).
- The government will not make existing power stations and the grid more efficient (e.g. by using CHP systems), preferring to open new Nuclear Power stations instead. They also never made a real committment to alternative energy sources, claiming it would never be viable to rely on them. Research into wind and tidal energy seems to be proving them wrong...
- Where wind farms and rubbish/biomass incinerators have been built, local people have complained bitterly about the noise and the view. People want energy, but they do not want it to be produced on their doorstep!
- People are told not to waste water: there are often hose-pipe bans, and even a campaign to turn the tap off while we brush our teeth (!!!) Yet the water companies waste huge volumes of water in silted-up reservoirs and leaking pipework that they do not replace.
- Worst of all, councils make money by selling our recyclable materials, but charge higher council tax for collecting it AND they are planning to fine people who do not sort their recycling correctly!

People don't see any point in being environmentally friendly when the government and industry don't bother.

I agree with you making the movie, I am just playing Devil's advocate ;-)

One idea that worked quite well was a BBC series called "When The Lights Go Out" - about a future where there is no electricity or gas. It played on the audience's natural fear of the dark, and Britain's memories of blackouts and rationing in the 2nd World War. The point was made that society would descend into chaos because we are so used to cheap energy - there would be little food in the shops, it would be cold, you cannot drive to a hospital, people would turn to crime... That's the sort of thing I mean about making it relevant to people.

Sorry about the rambling email - if you're interested I could find some references for the above points. Smile
Yes I agree with BBecka. You have to show something important to people at the moment.
Like the cancer epidemics, the fruits and vegetables that have no taste, the air so poluted that it is impossible to breath.
The idea is acceptable, to me. But, to a certain extent. Why? Well because we can't always live with the sense of fear. There are quite sensitive people. If they once see your movie that fill with misgivings and fear, he will no longer live freely.
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you can show the value of clean environment by starring a child who gets sick at the age of 3-4 because his mother lived in a polluted environment during the pregnancy period. It will draw women's attention at the importance of living in a clean environment in order to give birth and grow healthy children.
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In the movie you can show how our planet slowly gets polluted, the particles from the atmosphere prevent the sun beams to penetrate on the earth surface and that this can lead to different disasters. You may explain as well that the global warming can cause floods which can take many people's lives...
it is interesting,the green move. and the topic for discussion is the sourses of our energy. i think the theme was sad about in the thirst message is actualy for the world. and for us is not possible living without the main energy sourses that we used to use. but the main problem, i think, is our cultural education. people should to became constious of the problems exist. and think how them by theirselves can help the world environment state.
Idea about "green movie" is very nice. I hope that the movie will be comprehensive, it should cover major global problems,like pollution, global warming, ablation, extinction of rare animals, artificial foodstuffs. We are thinking only about what we have today, and only certain people think what will happen with our Earth in 100 or more years...
It'll be very reasonably to show how Earth will look after 100 years of pollution and wasting resources.
Benn Wrote:you can show the value of clean environment by starring a child who gets sick at the age of 3-4 because his mother lived in a polluted environment during the pregnancy period. It will draw women's attention at the importance of living in a clean environment in order to give birth and grow healthy children.
I liked this idea. A women is capable of doing this. And as we say, cleaning starts from home and then to city. but I am afraid that people follow this only halfway. They keep their house clean but forget that it is also there responsibility to keep the environment clean.
This is a very nice move to tell people the importance of greenery and how their lives will get affected in its absence.

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