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Please help, blender warranty problem
Hi everyone
I have a problem with a blender I bought recently. After 2 months of use the blender started leaking and some tiny cracks appeared on the plastic that supports blades. The blender was supposed to crash ice and I didn't even try it. So in the authorized service center I was told that the tiny cracks are my fault, they can't take it on warranty. They also told me they can't replace the plastic thingy that has cracks on it, they can only replace the entire jug with blades that costs half of the price of the new blender. I'm not even sure that the leakage is related to cracks since it happens through a different location.

The most interesting thing is that recently I found the same blender model on and most of the reviewers had the same or similar problem that resulted in blender jug leakage after about 2 months.
What is the right thing for me to do? Can I somehow get the money back or something?
Thank you
Hi Andy,
If you can't prove that the cracks are not your fault, then there is nothing you can do. You simply bought a poor-quality product. What you can do is try to address to the producing company. Write them an email or just phone them and expose your problem. If you say other people have the same problem, then you can make a common letter and send it. They may agree on either a refund or replacement, on your choice.
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Blender does not have the much warranty to get the replacement of the product though also been custom written essays online says the same things to the prior customer about the purchasing time anyway so peoples are very rare who understand the term

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