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Hello europe.
Hi sonicar, welcome to EU forums. You can feel here free of tackling any issues or you can simply expose your thoughts and opinion regarding whatever you want. Confuseduper
Sonicar hi!

You're gonna like it here. What are your favourite topics, what would you like to talk about?
“The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”
A really nice forum for Parisians
Hi, Sonikar! I like your name. It is close to Sonia Smile I wish you nice moments in this forum :-)
Hello, sonicar, It is really nice to see you as a new member of the board. My name is Seren and I am going to say you welcome here. Hopefully, we are going to have really a good time here. So, just stay connected and have a good time ahead.

I would be the part of trip to washington dc from ny
Hi, sonicar would like to say welcome you on this board. I hope you will like to share something wow about you with all of us. I am looking for your next reply.
Hello, sonicar! I want to say welcome to you in this community. Good to know that you belong from Europe. Would you like to share something about your hometown?
Kiven Kya and Colton, It is nice to see that both of you members also liked to say welcome to sonicar on this community. I am hoping that it will be truly a nice time for him to enjoy in this community and he will interesting replies here soon as possible.

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