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EU Single Market and EU Laws
Ongoing European legislation is supposedly progressing towards further EU integration up to the point at which EU leaders say things like this:
"Today, members of the EU enjoy a wealth of benefits: a free market with a currency that makes trade easier and more efficient.."

But is it true? For example, if you look at the Single Market for too long the EU has been hypocritical about which sectors would be integrated in the single market and which sectors would not; take, for instance, agriculture, public services, gambling, amongst others.

Please have a look at the right2bet website to gain an insight about what I am referring to and where you can sign a petition in favour of a more integrationist Single Market.
The problem encountered by the EU is the fact it is not flexible enough in the matter of law-making and economic issues. Once it's a union it must act as an entity, however, because of its dimensions, there is too much discord against these issues... therefore you have to get used with the fact that someone has something to win, others have to cede.
I agree with the fact that in a project like the EU one some win sometimes whilst others will win later on. There is even a theory on EU studies about this. However, the truth is that MS agree on something and afterwards they are not implementing it. That is where the EU authorities should intervene to guarantee that MS comply with regulations that have been agreed upon. In my post I referred to the gambling sector within the Single Market as an example, though there are several other sectors in the same situation.

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