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83 dollars a month to survive.
H1 to all European friends! I’m from Belarus.
I just wanted to tell you a few things about how we actually live, or in fact survive under the rule of our dictator Lukashenka. We are doing really badly and EU actually doesn’t care a sh-t abot it ….. feeding only our “fat cats” in business and politics… well… to pursue it’s own shady goals. That’s EU boasted project of Eastern partnership. Full bluff, it is! If Europe does care let her raise our salaries in here up to some average EU level ….say $700 or 800 at least…..
Well, here in Byelorussia life is quite different from your habitual ways: our charter97 . org / en / news / 2009 / 10 / 1 / 22405/ minimum wages are only 83 USD and that's only official statistics! Our government simply robs us of the possibility to buy even bare necessities! What can you buy for 83 dollars per month!? But that’s only half of the truth! You know, they don’t give us a single chance to voice our concerns in public by www . data . minsk . by / belarusnews / 042009 / 98 . html brutally dispersing even a peacefully intended group of people.
EU pols particularly from soderkoping . org . ua / page24441 Sweden chat lots about cooperating with Belarus by means of the Eastern Partnership and all that. In reality they seem to be just ignoring some numerous bad tasting facts, if you know what I mean. They promise to give us some billions of dollars, but we, rank-and-file citizens, will never get them in any form. You see, Lukashenka has learned how to steal money from his people during his 15 year dictatorial and illegal term in office. And the Swedes are well in the know of it. Still they keep playing footsie with that swindler….Many people in Byelorussia are absolutely sure that Lukashenka has just bribed them!
We are helpless with this for opposing such thing in Byelorussia may well cost you life or you may be put behind the bars immediately. But you, fellas, can somehow make your politicians drop the idea of dealing with the dictator, because you have the freedom to take to the streets and loudly demand justice! And that’s what I’m asking you about now!!
tell me please what do you do in order to change the situation created in your country for the better? During all summer long you were still complaining that it is difficult in your country, but in these few months I haven't heard of any movements of the Belarus people ... We can not fight for you .. we can support you in battles as allies!
“The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”
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