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Sea Shepherds
This goes beyond the borders of Europe, but wtf.

I wanted to talk about the Sea Shepherds, If been watching their first season and now
the second. they are an marine wildlife conservation organization that wants to protect the oceans wildlife.
the organisation is being lead by Paul Watson (ex co-chief of Greenpeace),
he established this organisation because Greenpeace wasnt effective enouth.

The serie follows the Steve Erwin and crew trying to stop the Japanese wailing fleet.
Every winter they descend to the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary to stop them.
All the crew members joined the ship voluntarily, but paid 100$ when they listed.

And now the problem. the Sea Shepherds claim that the Japanese kill whales for
money. There's a law that says that people cant hunt on wails, except if it's for
science/research. The japanese say they only use them for science.
SO, WHO'S RIGHT!? If the Japanse say they use it for research the Sea Shepherds
arent allowed to stop them....

Paul Watson thought Greenpeace wasnt aggresive enouth, but arent the Sea Shepherds
going to far? In Japan they're are well known as 'eco-terrorists'.
The Steve Irwin is equipped with 2 inflatable boats and a helicopter.
When they attack the japanse ships, they throw 'bombs' on their decks.
these bombs are made of natural ingredients, but stink really badly or
make the deck all slippery. they also rammed their ship into another
ship a few times. is this the right thing to do?

The Japanse also have their toys. with watercannons they try to
make it hard to come closer. they also use flashgrenades.
in the 2nd season they use a 'soundcannon', this is also being used
by the police/army to keep the crowd clam. it should knock you off your feet.
Are they allowed to defend themselves with this?

I like watching the program but I'm wondering what other people think about it.
Any thoughts?

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Gaara of the Sand, Gaara of the Desert.
I never sow this program...but from your words it is a god one with good intentions... so I can say that I will search it and Bravo for those people for helping our environment. Confuseduper
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