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Pragmatic Swedes!
Just look at these pragmatic Swedes! They consider that if the majority of Belarusian people (over 60% now) want their country to become a normal, democratic European nation, then the whole EU should stop focus on Lukashenka’s totalitarian regime there and open our doors for developing cooperation with Belarus, whose people are suffering from current isolation from civilized and democratic Europe! Excellent!
It turns out that now we should build a stable relationship with “the last dictator of Europe” in order to turn back on those Belarusian people, who still hope on our help in their struggle against Lukashenka’s regime! Even talking to Lukashenko and his fellows, we can easily become assistants of his dictatorship! In such a way we’ll support Mr. Lukashenka to dispose of civil society’s germs in Belarus and deal a great blow at own democratic image!
I must agree with you even if i dislike that. Yes of course we can help them, but automatically we give a hand and to Lukashenka.. what means that his positions will become stronger and not weaker ;(
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If Europe is going to turn a blind eye to Lukashenka’s crimes against his own nation then Byelorussian democratic forces will never lay it down! We’ll stop this at any price! Lukashenka must take his place in prison for all his crimes against his own people and democratic opposition! Look, Byelorussia president has taken his place near other tyrants of the sort like Milosevic and Hussein and why Europe is kissing his ass now? Stop gratifies! If you cant help us in defending democratic values then we will do it without you!

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