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Ukraine sends weapons to Georgia!
Some off record persons from Ukraine Ministry of Defense said that Yuschenko is continuing the dispatching of some military equipment and weapons. In June 2009 Ukraine delivered to Georgia air defense S-200.
Such business is suitable for both those countries. Not only that Saakashvili and Yuschenko is kind alliance but they are trying to line their own pockets by those deals!
Most interesting is that Yuschenko is fighting for European security but organize illegal weapons delivering! If fact I think that Yuschenko could provoke new conflict between Georgia and South Ossetia! And Europe will have to sort it out again! I’m sure that we needed to create one more commission about South Ossetia about Ukraine’s illegal weapons delivering!
Yes - but Georgian troops are being sent to Afghanistan - so they'll be a bit busy... :langue
wow did not know Ukraine had weapons to send east, I thought they need weapons to defend from russia
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