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6 scary things that hackers will do if they get into smartphones
There have been many articles about hackers exploiting a security hole or using some other method to gain unauthorized access to someone else's phone. This article reveals what really happens if your smartphone gets hacked.

Hackers primarily target smartphones or any other gadget to make money. Except for government hackers, all hackers have only one goal is to make money. They will track your personal information, bank credentials, passwords, and credit card numbers.
However, here are 6 other scary things a hacker will do when he gets into your phone:

1. Hackers can eavesdrop on calls
2. Hackers can blackmail you
3. Hacker can use your phone to hack others
4. Hacker can make 3D map of your house or location
5. Hackers know what you are typing
6. NSA (National Security Agency of America) can hack your phone
Thank you for this post! I'll be waiting for more.

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