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No pasaran!!!
Well, I've recently visited your “enlightened Europe” which many speak highly of. And you know, I saw for myself that you have nothing but the bureaucratic chaos and red tape. Let me explain, in Austria I was robbed and decided to file a police report, but they told me to go to the embassy to get the confirmation because I was a foreigner. After that they told me to write a heap of papers… and just to cut the long story short, I spent my vacation visiting different government institutions instead of having rest!!
Anyway, here in Belarus everything’s absolutely different, you just come to the police department, write ONE report and wait a couple of hours for the criminal to get caught. And all that is just because the cops are afraid that the people will file a complaint to the President who is very strict. If he says that someone’s wrong then the man can easily be executed (death penalty is widespread in my country).
Here, you call him a dictator and a tyrant, but there’s no other way nowadays. Otherwise no one will obey you, and the country will plunge into total chaos. Just look at what’s happening in your Europe: you have only protests and strikes among simple workers. And this undermines the whole economic system and results in huge losses of money. While nothing of the kind ever happens in my country, because everyone knows pretty well, that all protesters will be severely punished. Well, I think that’s right. One shouldn’t run counter to the President’s will who knows better what to do!
Therefore I think you must stop imposing your “democratic principles” on us. They have derailed your society and now you want us to follow your example! No pasaran to the Eastern Partnership!!!
Are you realy belorus?

Very strange post. If someone commited a crime you want to find people guilty or you want police just find someone in couple of hours? If they are So afraid that you will write the complaint about THEFT and president (will have nothing better to do becouse there are no more concerns to be sure Smile ) will read it someone can lose his head becouse president (not law) says they are wrong. Sound a bit wild even for tyrany realy. And so on.

Strange post.
I agree that "enlightened Europe" has it's problems - everything you have listed and more. I am very sorry that you found this out on your holiday!

I disagree that the death penalty or the adoption of an absolute ruler (dictator) would solve these problems.

There is (generally - I'm not too familiar with the specific situation in Austria) a shortage of policemen, a lack of funding and, yes, a ridiculous amount of beaurocracy: often necessitated by a US-style culture of suing everyone (hence we need written records of everything). There is often a strong moral case for rehabilitating a criminal, especially for minor crimes which may be the result of poverty or mental illness. The system is just too under-funded to successfully rehabilitate people.

Also, there have been some high-profile cases of people being wrongly imprisoned over the years.

Ivgen, let us suppose that there is an issue you feel strongly about. If it is illegal to protest or go against the president's will, how do you cope? If you did not have enough money for food for some reason, would you steal some? And would it be right to face the death penalty?

Obviously people are still committing these crimes, which is how you know that they will be executed or "severely punished" ;-) Therefore, we know that there are still problems in Belarus! Surely it is better to tackle the underlying problem (Poverty? Unhappiness?) than to just execute people?

Hey, SiD, have you ever been to Belarus? I want to agree with your comments, but I cannot be objective because I have never visited!
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