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Acme flashmob
Hey, dudes! I’ve got an idea to organize sort of a flashmob in Riga, the capital of Latvia (Eastern Europe). There’s a Statue of Liberty there which is in fact a place for gatherings of Latvian Waffen-SS vets and their successors. They lay flowers and conduct Nazi-like military parades at the place. Actually one’s got to know that Latvia is a country where the way has been paved for the Nazism to gain strength. That bothers me greatly just because my grandpa fighting Nazis in WWII was taken war prisoner to be later brutally murdered in a Nazi concentration camp. Huh, I’m sure you know that Nazis made soap out of human fat, and a lot more terrible things! And I believe that Nazis are beasts, inhuman creatures on the planet!
However I’m not after calling you to kill anyone. I just want those Latvian fascists to know that there are people who’ll never allow them to make icon of Nazi criminals! That’s why I made this kinda flashmob up.
Here’s the draft plan. We’ll need to go to Riga on a certain day and come up to the Statue of Liberty at a certain time. Well, when the H-hour comes we’ll need to turn our backs to the statue and pat our right buttocks or just something of the kind so as not to take any chances and not to violate any public rules. You see, the Latvian police will never find any faults with us then. Needless to say that it’ll be just very nice if someone of us shoots the video of the whole thing and uploads it in the internet.
So take up your cameras! Please guys don’t ignore my message. If you can’t join our funny flashmob for some reasons then simply tell your friends about it. It’ll be pleasure and fun if you support my idea Smile . Thank you fellas!
I'm quite far away from your country to come and support your idea but I will keep tight fists for you Smile Good luck and I'm sure that everything will be O.K so go ahead Confuseduper However you shocked me that Latvia has such Nazi organizations... aren't there laws to regulate that?
"I believe in making the world safe for our children, but not our children's children, because I don't think children should be having sex." Smile

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