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Much ado about Belarus
Much ado about Belarus
What’s has been going on in Europe in point of Belarus for the last four months (just since the moment of Sweden’s EU presidency) is mere madness! This word fits the occasion! Just before that the entire EU actively criticized Belarus and specifically regime of Lukashenko for being undemocratic. Now what? One wants to recall all the human rights violations in Belarus, that country being actively integrated into the EU by assist of that very Sweden! As it happens, according to Reporters Without Borders Belarus does not even enter the top 100 Press Freedom Index 2008! To be more exact, Belarus is only 154th best of 173! What a shame! That’s a kind of a country we want to be on a par with us! Perhaps that should be reasonable not to put the cart before the horse. First we got to put Belarus in order and only after that allow it enter the EU!

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