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Tough business.
As far as I know the offsprings of high-ranking officials in many countries are immune to some acts of law. But everything has to be within the reasonable boundaries, doesn’t it? Well, here in Kyrgyzstan Mr. Bakiyev junior, son of the President, has totally gotten out of hand, imho. You see, I’m a freelance-reporter. By the nature of my occupation I try to keep in touch with people from different walks of life in Kyrgyzstan. Well an acquaintance of mine who works for the road police has told me a curious piece of news. He said that “they started to receive orders to escort that whippersnapper because he had no time to spare in the traffic jams, but with their escort he could violate all road regulations and easily go about nightclubs, saunas and restaurants in the company of his reckless aces”.
That wouldn’t matter, but actually son of President Bakiyev seems to be using his father’s position to cover up his raids on commercial companies.
For instance, that man from the road police escorted him to the office of the Kumtor gold-mining company. Well, when Bakiyev junior was leaving the office he spelled out “there’s no way they can avoid paying us, or else my father will just revoke their license”. In fact, it all resembles the blackmail. Moreover his friends who went with him to the office looked like some sort of gangsters and they had guns about them also.
There’re also rumors that the presidential offspring didn’t always resort to blackmail, sometimes businessmen would simply disappear while the investigations into those cases were suspended on the orders from above. You see, Kyrgyzstan claims to be a democratic country willing to closely cooperate with the EU. However is it possible, given the criminal nature of current authorities here? You know, I used to work in the Republic of Georgia during two years, and I’m familiar with the Georgian-type-business that’s when businessmen are jailed if they refuse to grease the palm of the elite. But here it seems to be a lot tougher…

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