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What is the best way to travel in European countries?
I want to travel to European countries. As there are many countries in this region for travelling, I want to discover slowly one by one. Any suggestion for me to enjoy travelling ? Appreciated if any.
I think car is the best, you can go whenever you want and stay there whatever you need. Nobody will say you nothing. You can visit different beautiful places but the reason is that you should be sure that your documents are ok.
If you decide to travel through Europe, you may find out that it can be hard to see Europe on a budget. Depending on the exchange rate between your home country and the European country you are visiting as well as your current financial state, traveling in Europe on a budget may be a difficult, but not necessarily impossible, task. While traveling you'll need to spend money on food, attractions, lodging, and transportation which can make it tough to keep your spending to a reasonable limit. A little bit of planning and these tips can help you see the best of Europe on a budget.


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The best way to travel Europe cheap is to not pay for it. Hitching is quite common in Europe, and I’ve met a number of travelers who have done it.
I think the best way to explore Europe is a car, you can go any place without any problem and even you can visit any place within a low budget, but before leaving must complete your documents.

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