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What are the best European countries to travel to?
Give me 3-5 of your favourite destinations and why you like them/you think you will like them, please Smile

Also: in what order should I travel those countries?

Thank you, in advance!
I depends on what exactly a person is seeking, also depends on the weather. Each country has something special and unique to offer, and everyone of them has its beautiful places which should be visited. I think the most beautiful countries to travel are Italy for it's historical culture, France for it's romantic city, Greece for it's beautiful towns and it's interesting culture, there are many beautiful places in the world.
Switzerland is one of the best place to visit in European countries with plenty of attractive places. The most famed hangout places around Switzerland are respectively Geneva, Zurich, Lucerne, Zermatt etc. These scenic lands call numerous expediters every year. Nevertheless, there are many more places as well, which are equally striking but bit marooned. If you are looking forward to take pleasure from an isolated travel in Switzerland, checkout these lesser-known places; they will be complete fun for you.


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