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I was planning on going on a trip in december....?
I wanna go from los angeles to north carolina in december.. by car..thing is, in december theres snow in alot of places in america, so i need to know how to plan this? ( dont say " take a plane" because i hate planes, and simply will not take one. end of story) I mean i dont wanna go and end up in a 2 day snowstorm... its only supposed to take 3 days to get there...2 if we hurry and theres no traffic.. so how cna i plan it to make sure we go AROUND all snowstorm, snow blockage, hail, ect..

thanks in advance.
You should take a bulldozer and then nothing will stay on your way, and no kind of snow will bother you anymore. :mrgreen: By me if there is not a good weather better is to stay home because the trip will be destroyed by bad impressions on the road.
It is better to plan your trip during the month of April to June which is best time to visit those place. If you visit during snow time you wont have any entertainment or your trip wont be memorable.

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