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A very funny performance in front of Estonian Museum!
Hello everybody! A very funny thing happened to me the other day which made me happy that there’re still people somewhere on Earth, who are able to adequately respond to fascism supporters (we lack them here in Estonia because we’re afraid to get 6-year term in prison under the new law)!
You know, there’s a Museum of Estonian Liberation Movement in Lagedi – a town outside Tallinn (the capital of Estonia). Just in case you don’t know, members of this Movement annihilated thousands of Jews during WWII.
Well, let’s get back to the point. A couple of days ago a group of foreign tourists (must be students of theatrical college) acted out a performance just in front of the museum entrance. The scene was laid at the heavens where Jesus Christ was giving Director of the museum a hard time for promoting the evil. Christ often repeated “Punishment shall dawn upon thee for thou dignified the fascists who had killed my people!” The whole performance lasted only about fifteen minutes, but those guys hit the mark with time – many people were passing by at that hour. If only you could see the faces of those f*ing Nazi bastards! Anger was distorting their grimaces but they could do nothing because those guys were foreign tourists Smile Smile Smile!!! As I said, we Estonians are subject to the new law under which we can be sentenced to 6 years in prison, while foreign tourists are exempt from it!
You know those students are said to have already visited Latvia and Lithuania where neo-fascism is also widespread. And I thought it would be right if such tourists visited our Baltic States, and particularly Estonia, more often. Just believe me Estonians and every other decent man in any country will be so grateful to you for voicing out our common protest against fascism and Nazism (the thing we lack the possibility to do).
So, welcome guys!
I am glad to hear that this kind of peaceful protest is happening Confuseduper And I am very sorry to hear about the problems you guys in the Baltic States are having with neo-fascists and this law you talk about.

Why have these people in the Estonian Liberation Movement not been tried for war crimes? There are still cases of old men who were in the SS being deported and chased. There was a case only a few weeks ago of an SS officer being located in the USA and deported to Austria.

Of course, I am now terrified of being a tourist in the Baltic states - will these people beat me or shoot me for looking too Jewish?! :?

It is a real shame: I have heard that Talinn and Vilnius are beautiful cities, and I would love to visit :-( Someone should tell these neo-fascists that they are frightening away tourists and investors!

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