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Dangerous developments in Taiwan
I was away on a business trip in Taiwan not so long ago. And I noticed one peculiarity there. All news-stands were filled with Japanese newspapers and magazines gleaming with the articles criticizing China and praising Taiwan’s prospects as an independent state. And all this is happening in time when China and Taiwan have started moving closer in their relations. Looks like some sort of provocation, doesn’t it?
Actually Japan will not benefit from strong and consolidated China, the economic leadership will go to Beijing then you see. But if everything goes as it’s going now, there’ll be a troubled area in China, which might easily turn into a full-scaled war.
I don’t think, the Japanese would ever dare to do this on their own, as it’s never been a secret that after WWII they’ve been coordinating all their foreign policy with the USA. And I think that Americans are directly involved in it (they will also benefit from weaker China).
Actually I have some general phrases to describe the situation in short. Americans are intentionally stirring up a military conflict in China by means of Japan with the joint aim to weaken Beijing. BTW American support of Japan’s militarism (you can see it now pretty clearly) during its revival after WWII defeat might be a part of US hanky-panky intrigues against China also. Most unpleasant fact is that US European allies will have to eventually clear up the mess. Just as usual after all :-(

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