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Acid rains
they are indeed dangerous for vegetables and fruits. This is how they can call cancer. These substances of acid penetrate deep inside these fruits' vegetables' leaves.
I am curious how often do those rains occur in Europe per year?
all rains contain a bit of acids.
some information in this context

The earliest signs of acid rain, such as changes in fresh water environments (depletion and/or extinction of plant and fish populations) were noticed first in England during the mid-eighteenth century, and again in some Scandinavian states during the 1920s.

Europe's most recent ecological and political action to combat acid rain problems began in 1966 when a Swedish scientist published a study suggesting a cause-effect relationship between fossil fuel emissions and the damaging levels of acid particulates in Sweeden's freshwater environments. He additionally identified both foreign and local emissions sources as the primary causal agents, with neighboring European states as the primary source. The prevailing north-west wind patterns on the continent meant that Sweeden and other northern states were the final stop for most of Europe's acid based emissions prior to their falling back to the ground.

The transboundary nature of the issue required regional cooperation, only recently receiving movement with the advent of the European common market. The first instance where environmental issues received an international environmental forum was the Stockholm Conference on the Environment (1972) and it was during the conference that the Swedish government initiated their requeste for a negotiatied solution to the problem.

Initially, East-West politics hampered the start of the negotiations. During the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe in Helsinki, 1975, Brezhnev's call for increased East-West cooperation on a range of subjects, including air pollution set the process in motion. During the next three years, a series of agenda setting meetings were held under the auspices of the Economic Commission of Europe (ECE), out of which came the Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Pollution. It was signed November 13-14, 1979 and ratified March 15, 1983. The convention established guidelines for gathering and exchanging information, rather than requiring states to take specific actions to reduce emissions. Adherence to its terms would be monitored by an Executive Body.

Following ratification, member states of the treaty began working out details for specific reductions goals. At the first Executive Body meeting, June, 1983, a proposal was made to revise the convention. Participants were asked to obligate themselves to a thirty percent reduction in sulphur emissions, based on 1980 levels, during the next decade. Support for this alteration, although not universal, was wide-spread and growing.

Within two years, the Protocol to the 1979 Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution on the Reduction of Sulphur Emissions or their Transboundary Fluxes by at least 30 Per Cent was drawn up. It was signed in Helsinki, July 9, 1985, and ratified September 2, 1987.

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The responsible for this factor with acid rains are human, because of their disregards regarding chemical factories and industries which because a stupid incident pollute all the atmosphere and all the environment. Acid rains destroy everything on their way, besides it pollute soil and it cause damage for it for many years. All the people should think about these consequences and try to prevent such incidents.
Acid rain is not good for our health, especially for the invironment as well. Therefore we have to take care our invironment because it will kill us all.
Thanks for sharing the information. It is very useful for my future. keep sharing
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I often get emotionally involved. Like when I read your post, I can cry, laugh, sad, funny, depending on your written words. I think you are a sensitive person.
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