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Presents and gifts
When we want to congratulate someone with a special occasion we always think about what kind of gift to offer it. So i want to ask you isn't the best to ask that person what exactly does she wants, it will prevent buying useless things.
Of course it is the best way but it will be not a present any more, because she will know what you are going to bye her. But from another hand it is good because you will surely know that she wants that very much, that she really needs that.
I think I will never say to my girlfriend what I an suppose to buy her, because i like very much to make presents. I will find out what she really wants or need in that way that she never will find out how did I knew that she really wanted.
I think the best present for the person who you really love are flowers if it is a girl and drawers for men. Besides it is funny to gift drawers it is very kind and for a man it can be very useful. Not everyone can buy something so personal and intimal.
Women love fashion accessories so what can be better then a cute accessory for her! In fact we are marrying in the next month and will be buying accessories as the wedding giveaways for both men and women. I am sure that this ideas is definitely going to work!

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