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What is the fastest leveling race/class combination in World
Hey im looking for the fastest race/class combination to level in World of Warcraft.
Well i found mage/ night elfs to level pretty fast
any ranged class in general survives more than melee imo
but to others not sure
Hunter/Orc or Troll.
If you want alliance use nelfs. Shadowmeld comes in handy.
Make a mage if you want to get easy money with the portals and stuff...They can lvl quick too.
From my own experience I've found the night elf hunter, undead rogue, blood elf pallies to be pretty fast at leveling.
I found Shaman was pretty quick once you get some handy totems you can just agro a load of mobs and AoE em down and self heal. But lets face it leveling is just summit you have to do, ideally you want to level the class you want to play end game material with. Thats why i went Shaman coz Resto Shammy is pretty fun and you can pump out the big heals. Dual spec Element for some nice ranged DPS but it's a booooring rotaion well it was when i stopped playing in WotLK.
hey I had the same problem until I found the source below.

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The way to know it ALL is just use this totally awesome complete WoW guide

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I think pally and mage is best choice.
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best wishes, hope can help you.
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You can level any class with zygor's guide. It's an in game add on that tells you where to go and stuff. --< <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
I found the Worgen Feral Druid to be the fastest of all at the moment.

Race Advantage: Increased Crit chance, have a dash like ability that doesn't share cooldown with other similar effect. Good in overall damage and survivability.

Damage output: Cat form is currently producing a great deal of overall damage output especially with bleed effects, even with upcoming nerfs beta testers reported little effect on the damage.

Downtime: very low to none. When low on health just pop the instant heals and keep on going, when low on mana just innervate.

Survivability: with cat form you will most likely kill the mobs before they can do any real damage to you, and if faced with multiple mobs you can switch to bear from and mangle all the way, bear form does considerable amount of damage. and if things get really bad you can dash while in cat form or use the racial run ability or simply get to travel form to run away.
roll a Death Knight. Horde, of course.

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