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World of warcraft wrath of the lich king?
1. do i need World of warcraft to play this game?
2. do i need world of warcraft to get full experience out of this game?
for both- i don't think so
you need both World of Warcraft AND Burning Crusade for Lich King to even run, so the answer to both questions is yes.
Answer to both questions is yes.

You need the original World of Warcraft, and also the expansion 'The Burning Crusade', to install and play 'Wrath of the Lich King'.
you need the first WoW and bc ok
For both questions the answer is yes.
You need the regular World of warcraft and the burning crusade expansion set to play WOTLK also if you want to make a death knight you need to have a level 55+ person and you can only make 1 death knight per realm and it has to be the same realm that you lv 55+ person is in but it doesnt have to be the same fraction
you need world of warcraft and burning crusade
Simple yes. Wrath of the Lich king is the second expansion pack to the world of warcraft game. You will need both World of Warcraft and The Burning Crusade expansion installed on your computer. You will also need an account on world of warcraft in order to play.
1. Yes, it's an expansion pack
2. Yes, it won't run without WoW and the other expansion Burning Crusade installed.
Both are yes. You need the first one and Burning Crusade to install Lich King.
1.Yes the original W.O.W and burning crusade
2.Yes you have much more access if you buy it

(trust me it is the best game you will ever experience! Lich king rocks)
You do need the original game for both, and you need the Burning Crusade to play lich king as well. You should buy them though, they are really good games. I play them all the time and love every second of it.
When you buy the game Wrath of the Lich, the CD has classic WoW and BC on it too. So for new players, they wont have to buy all three games seperately.

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