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My little brothers want me to ask a question about World of Warcraft?
Where can you mine gold ore in World of Warcraft?
No, I promise, it really is my little brothers. I wouldn't be embarrassed to ask if it was me, but it honestly is my little brothers. They're 9 and 11. :-)
He says he also has all the expansion packs.
of course. It is the third lowest level of ore, but yes you can do it.
its alright we know its just u asking question don't have to bring your brother in. Its been years since i played but goldmines really, goldshire i think is place for low levels, usually rat looking people around.
This link tells you where to mine no matter which level your mining is

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so for gold, go to western plaguelands
Gold ore is usually available in areas where iron ore is found. Mostly in areas for late level 20s and early 30s.
enywere evan outside org you can seach up a website that shows you the map and were the cooper org is. just put your finding mining thing on your map in game an walk around aa do quest then <.> you have found at least 20 org in 30 min also buy it in AH

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