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World of Warcraft: Horde or Alliance?
My brother and my friends all play as alliance because they keeping telling me that horde is full of children who are really bad at World of Warcraft because they think its cool to be monsters. I checked out some forums and everyone says that alliance is the faction with bad players so could someone with experience playing WoW tell me which faction has better players for PvP and dungeons?
Horde is better, the players are helpful and. skilled alliance are the useless 1s
Ok, let me just tell you this straight up-


Horde and Alliance both have children who stink at the game, and both sides have amazing top notch mature players. It honestly depends on the particular server you join, but honestly it doesn't make a difference. I suggest you join whatever side your friends are on. ;D
Well horde are more of the evil looking characters so it atracts more kids. And alliance is better. not by much though they basiclly the same.
Back in classic Horde was more mature, but now it's basically the same. I prefer Horde, the races are just cooler. If you want to play a pretty fairy race roll alliance.

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