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what is the closest thing i can get to world of warcraft that is free for my mac?
im looking for a really good mmorpg that i dont have to pay anything for, i dont care if i have to download it.
you can download warhammer 40k or warcraft 3
Well, Their is DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online). The place has lots of characters and a unique combat style. Most people ussually switch from WoW to DDO. Though the main is Instance, where you have a town area and if you go intot he the field you wont meet anyone, but the game is good, friendly people to fight with and has a abundant amount of quests and character styles

If not, their is LotRO (Lord of the Rings Online). It has a very good design and it has lots of people playing it. It very based on PvE, but I seen that it is good.

If anything else, why not try out EQ2 (EverQuest 2). Right now EQ2 has just recently became a F2P game. It is also was the basis of WoW, (WoW just took the main mechanics of EQ and added their own story to it.)

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