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I've become bored with runescape and world of warcraft, what next?
both runescape and world of warcraft have become boring to me, and it seems every alternating month or so i hop from one to the other. any games which you think are a good mixture or are new and up and coming games to check out?
Get a life..
Go check out LoL (League of Legends). It's free and has plenty of playtime behind it. I started about a month ago and let's just say I'm kind of addicted Wink
If you like FPS and MMORPG, I would recommend Borderlands. It is a great combination of both, and one of my favorite games. I actually quit switching between FPS and MMORPG to play Borderlands.
well, personally i'm not a fan of those games, runescape was fun for a while but when my friends stopped playing it lost all value. and as for wow, i've decided it's not worth paying for, haha. but to answer your question, since i've played A LOT of mmorpgs, i would reccommend any of the following games:

-Grand Chase
-Angels Online
-Grand Fantasia
-Lord of the Rings Online

The list goes on and on.... the best way to find one to your liking is just to type in "free mmorpg list" and go crazy
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