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our planet is heating up and i want to know do you think we should act? 18 years we are going to see huge effects on our world....we have all seen the ice melting and i hope it hits you all that animals are becoming extinct like tigers and polar bears..........................................................................................................we are only going die no need to worry george bush has banned global warming and he wont let anyone help the fact that the whole world is heating up therefore massive floods effecting us all now think about that....

so my main question is...
When I was your age, the scientists were preaching about the impending ice age caused by man.
Global temperature swings can be caused more quickly by the sun than anything else. Volcanoes come in a distant second. Man is negligible.

Oh yeah, and the guy below me is a name caller. Take him seriously. Check him out. He acknowledges that stats can be faked (yes I am quite familiar with stats which is why I don't put credence in them alone) but then quotes a bogus stat about 10000 and 2. I'll wager he cannot quote even 5 out of 10000 sources to back up his position. (Keep in mind many studies base their work on previous studies, so you better read each one and check their sources as well, or you will be quoting essentially one source.)
And yet ice ages are caused by global warming, Are you sure? Maybe the global warming is caused by the ice age.. in that case shouldn't we warm the place up to stop it?

Are you aware of the immensity of the amount of energy the sun puts out? Are you aware that it is not a constant? Do you realize that if the sun stopped burning right now, the earth would begin to cool in about 8 minutes? The sun is a huge part of this equation. Since the sun is, according to science, 4.57 billion years old and lets say that we could collect complete data from glaciers from the last 750 million years, thats still only the last 16% of the lifespan of the sun. Is that enough data to know what cycles the sun will go through in the next 50 years?
Within the last 535 million years there have been 5 mass extinctions not caused by man, (again according to science).
The truth is, science has been wrong over and over and over again, and each generation thinks it is the most enlightened.

You will find conflicting "studies" on every issue that is demagogued as this one is. Consider what a "study" is. Consider how statistics are used to reflect a researchers opinions. Be more skeptical when someone starts spouting the results of a study. Witness how many times science has changed it's position on cholesterol in the last 30 years. Try reading a debunking site as well as the official Al Gore site.

Wait, he was nominated for a peace prize.. well everything he says must be true. Thank, you Mr Gore for inventing the internet so we can have Y!A.
this guy is an idiot above me, the ice age would be cuased by global warming they never went back on what they where saying they just found out excatly why it would happen i just wonder if it was fake why al gore would win a noble peace prize for telling people about it? so what your saying by not aknowaldging it is that he won a nobel prize for lying? your retarded, i seem to remember them trying to disprove cigerett's cuase cancer the same way their treating this global warming thing by paying a few wack jobs lots of money to do a backwards study , if you have ever taken a stats class you will know that stats can easily be screwed with to get what ever numbers you want so how do you knwo whats true well if you have 10,000 people with one set of numbers and 2 guys with differant numbers im willing to bet the 10,000 people where probably on the right track
Global warming is definitely affecting us and as all species we have overpopulated our environment which will result in nature's inevitable balancing act. This "Tragedy Of The Commons" is primarily the fault of the United States, as the worst polluters in the world with the worst fuel efficiency standards for their autos (worse than China even!)

The only thing that can significantly help global warming is enough political will to elect politicians (such as Gore if he were to run) that recognize the seriousness of the issue and have concrete proposals that use a combination of taxes, incentives, and regulations to reach significant milestones in realistic timeframes. If you don't have any such politicians to vote for, run yourself and I will vote for you!
Dinosaurs are extinct: man didn't have anything to do with that one. What about the woolly mammoth?

Yes the world is in trouble, and we need to do something about pollution; but we are probably in more danger form the changes on the sun than what we do here on earth.
I think it is all exaggerated purely to make us scared so that we do more about it. Basically so bush will do summat about it cos he is really quite silly and i doubt it would take much to fool him. Basically all we can do is our best and what happens happens, it used to be well hotter than they are predicting and the world is still here so really and truly it will be ok. Necessity is the mother of invention - if it really gets that made something serious will be done to stop it damaging humans etc. It is sad about all of the effects but one person on their own cannot make that much of a difference, but i guess every little helps. RECYCLE! lol
what i think about george Bush is x rated
but i will tell you some things about global warming and what we can do to lessen it
Global warming is in theory reversable,but it will mean global co operation between all countries ,and taking into account human nature and the world politics ,it is unlikely that this will happen,

At least not untill we are all in the middle of planetary disastres and it becomes a battle for the survival of humanity every where.

what do you mean takes effect ,it has been taking effect for years already,the world war 3 or other global disastres will probably get us before global warming finishes us of
and when humanity has gone the world will recover over a few thousand years

in North Africa,India,Mexico ,millions of people are effected by land loss and desertification

in recent times thousands of people have died because of exessive heat,usually old India ,Mexico and France,
deforestation causing desertification,the desert conditions causing very cold nights and scorching hot days

in china, thousands of what used to be farmers are running for their lives from the dust storms that have burried their towns and turned their lands into dessert,the globe where they were got to hot for them .
and instead of producing food they are now needing it from some where else,and they will drastically effect the world food prices when they start buying water in the form of grains ,at any cost destabalising governments, in some countries ,could be the result
(are you seeing more Chinese around interested in agricultural lands ,we do here in Mexico)

,the Sahara is growing by 7 kilometers a year
and all of the desserts we know are a results of mans actions ,and they are increasing ,not getting less ,in the dinosaurs days ,there were no desserts.

collectively this planet is drying up because of bad farming practices like,over grazing and fertilizers,

as far as the food production is concerned, Global warming or some of its effects are serious,rising seas result in landloss

each degree rise in temperature means 10%crop loss

more landloss because of desertification every year,we have less areble land to produce food ,for an extra 70 million people ,

and there is less and less water (because of deforestation),to irrigate this production ,
and there are less and less farmers to do it..
who are overpumping deep carbon aquifiers
who are plowing more and more unstable lands because they have lost so many million hectares to desertification ,
because of bad farming practises ,such as using fertilizers and heavy machinary or over grazing

The northpole is melting ,and we will know it without ice in our life times.
this does not affect the sea level because it is ice that is already in the water.but the melting ice from Green land and the south pole ,are another matter.

if you want to help the planet ,plant a tree every week ,if everyone on the planet did we we would be able to reverse the destructive processes

reduce carbon emisions,and they are already working on that by alternative forms of energy and regulations on carbon producing materials,aerosol cans,burning rubbish,industrial chimneys,powerplants etc.

the capture of carbon and the production of water and assist the aquiferous manta.

the world bank pays large subsidies for reforrestation to capture carbon and the best tree for this is the Pawlonia

Waterharvesting projects ,such as millions of small redirect over ground waterflows from the rains into the ground to supply subteranian water supplies.

the protection of existing forrests.

stop building more highways,urban planning to include vegetation stop building cities encourage people to return to the land to conduct their business from there which now has become possible thanks to the internet.

education to motivate people to auto sufficiency by building more home food gardens.

education on environmental awareness
education on family planning to curb over´populaion

Agricultural education and improvements to follow the principals or sustainability and soil management.

more environmental or land ,design to prevent bush fires,such as--fire breaks

,more dams.regulations and control for public behaviour

alternative effeciant public transport to discourage the use of the internal conbustion engine

recicling wastes,limit water use

i am a Permaculture Consultant for the department of Ecology for the regional government in Guerrero Mexico
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Source(s) Lester E Brown is the director and founder of the global institute of Environment in the United states .he has compiled a report based on all the satalite information available from NASA,and all the information that has
come from Universities and American embassies WORLD WIDE ,
his little book--a planet under stress , Plan B has been trans lated into 50 languages and won the best book award in 2003.
yes. I think it would effect the human race. In about a few centuries later, people would be walking around naked. Regardless of regions, north, south, east, west. You will see skins & skins everywhere since it's too hot to wear anything.
Yes it is, But I sure don't think its effecting us today, it is so cold today here in the city I live in in Wisconsin am wondering myself is this global warming, but I do believe it, it did take till late last month here for the Lakes to freeze and it had been pretty mild till mid January, so yes I believe it is affecting us. My stepdad believes the sun is part of the global warming but I believe it is partly us, with all these factorys and cars and more and more people being born. Plus am getting sick of the same talk over and over from Bush about the war, thats all I hear, no other topics, lol. One good thing I like is the summers though, last year I had fun in the summer and for the first time actually got a couple tornadoes on tape here in the city I live in in wisconsin.
Global Warming is the greatest hoax in the history of science.
George Bush has nothing really to do with global warming. This is not just a one person thing. Remember, there was an ice age about 11,000 years ago. The geologic record and ice records show periods of warming and cooling through out the history of earth. Humans could be adding to the warming but by how much? Who really knows, we have just began to really be able to monitor the temperature of earth. I think the media is really over playing global warming. There are many things we could do to reduce the amount of green house gasses but every country has to be on board for that one. I have been told by my economics professor that China is building a coal fired power plant at the rate of one a week. It should be on every ones list of things to do and that is to not be wasteful with resources.
I agree with Cribbage. Unusual solar flare activity on the sun, and our orbital proximity to it (the closest our planet has been to it, apparently, in 20,000 years) are the true causes of climate change. Human pollution has extremely little to do with it.

And don't sweat it about the polar bears. They are extremely tough and resilient. The loss of the polar ice pack just means they'll learn to hunt primarly on land. Their numbers will dwindle a bit, but they'll survive as a species. They'll still be able to swim and hunt seals. They'll just do it from land instead.
There isn't much Mr Bush can do in the next three years. USA is a large country, with lots of fields where the answer can pop up. Alcohol (sugar cane), and lots of other options to get bio-mass. Solar and wind energy, a large conscientization of the people to save water, trash and banning the excessive use of paper... There are so many procedures, I couldn't name here. Recently a motion picture showed the worst of all consequences, the de-salinization of the seas, when the "sweet" water from the poles and the mountains roll down to the oceans. This would kill the micro organisms that balance out climate, and a massive change in temperatures would follow. In other words, a new ice age. All the Northern Hemisphere would be de-activated, with billions of deaths. Ice would stand for centuries, not only animals but humans would find impossible to live in this conditions.
Global warming can effect everyone. Earth has always went in cycles with the weather, but things we do can speed up the cycles. All you hear about is the industries pollution and cars creating the problem. I've not heard anything about housing and roads. The land is stripped of it trees and greenery to place houses 15 feet apart, or asphalt and/or concrete is placed on the stripped land. This is doing nothing but creating an oven. Common sense tells us if you take a piece of green raw land on a 85 degree day, you can run barefoot on it or lay down and take a nap. The ground temperature is tolerable. Take the same piece of land and strip the greenery. Place a house on it and an asphalt road in front of it. You cannot place your hand on the roof and hold it there for a lon period of time because of the extreme heat. Try running barefoot on the road. You will not stay on it long. This destruction is creating an oven, but people are getting wealthy from it. That is probably why you don't hear much about the houses and roads. I suggest that houses and other buildings should have at least a 100 feet barrier to the property line on all sides and tall shade trees, that can grow in the region, should be planted around the property lines. We are going to allow the greedy to make our lives miserable by increasing temperatures from their destruction, so lets make them cool the land temperature back down with more zoning regulations. Other countries may follow our lead to make this a world wide effort.

George Bush: This is one man that is mainly controlled by the Senate and Congress. He has ideas that some of us don't agree with, but it usually takes all the elected officials to vote on the ideas. With most elected officials, we are never going to agree on everything that they think is a good idea.
Iraq has not been pleasant, but has any war. Most of America wanted war with Iraq and the al-quaida. We have lost Americans in the war, but the loss of American lives has been minumum for a five year war. The 3000+ soldiers that died to help create a democracy for another country is honorable. I appreciate every person that joins the military to help fight for our protection and help others for their democracy. I have family and friends fighting in Iraq, and I know family of a few of the soldiers that did not make it back alive. I also have a nephew joining the Navy in two weeks. I am proud of all of our troops. As an American, I would never dishonor any of them by saying this war is a mistake. Democracy has never been a mistake. If it was, we would still be controlled by the British and French. We need to stick together as Americans and not be divided, like a bunch of greedy politicians is wanting us to be for their political gain. This is dishonoring our troops and America. Most of my family are veterans of war. A couple are from WWII but the rest are from the Korean and Vietnam wars. They will tell you how it feels to lose several hundred men next to you in a one day battle. In those wars, there were 3000+ lives lose in one day. The Iraq war is a different type of war. You don't know who the enemy are. I am just thankful that we have lost no more lives than we have in a mad country's civil war. Look how many American lives were lose during the American Civil War in the 1800's. There was more lives lose in that one war, than all the other wars combined. Let's put our differences away and not be another divided country. We are in Iraq to help, so lets ban together as Americans and support our troops to end this as soon as possible. Let's get our men and women home safely by giving them the support they need, even if that means sending more troops over to end this quickly. To also help end this quickly, lets vote to get rid of the politicians and get the common sense back into our government. Our politicians waste millions of dollars to get elected for a four year term. Lets stop this wasteful spending and and use the money to help the elderly that needs assistance and to help lower the war deficit.

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